Alabama Power of Attorney Revocation Form template, fully editable



A power of attorney (POA), is a formal document that GRANTS authority to a holder to make decisions and take actions on behalf of the person granting the power, known as the principal.

There are different types of POAs, each with its own unique characteristics.

Here you see printable POWER OF ATTORNEY form created in WORD format. Sample is made by collecting all required data and conditions of document.

Download file, complete layers, print and start to use.



A Power of Attorney (POA) form is a legal document that lets you appoint someone you trust, called your “agent” or “attorney-in-fact,” to manage your affairs if you’re unable to do so.

Simply download this .doc and .pdf format template, as an example, and complete all your paperwork by yourself without hiring a lawyer.

Creating a durable power of attorney protects you and your family if you can no longer handle your health or financial problems.
An experienced power of attorney lawyer can explain your options and the ramifications of each type of POA, and advise you of the right powers to fit your needs.
Advantages of a durable power of attorney:
○ attorney fees to execute a DPOA are generally economical when compared to fees associated establishing a conservatorship for the estate
○ a DPOA lasts indefinitely
○ a durable power of attorney is confidential, and the person’s reasons for assigning a DPOA do not have to be disclosed to outside parties.
○ the principal can retain the right to revoke the DPOA.
○ court action is not required to execute a durable power of attorney.

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